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Space Sleep Pillow

Kickstarter Video Production

Space Sleep Pillow Made in Japan : Kickstarter Video

Our primary goal is to make the best kickstarter video possible every time. The challenge Video Kickstarter faced was capturing the essence of this product in a way that would maximize Kickstarter and Indiegogo backer engagement and pledges. We always start with a custom written script and storyboard to make sure our vision aligns with how the client sees their own brand. Locations and actors are selected based on the core audience and demographic of the product. Crowdfunding Videography by Video Kickstarter LLC. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, California.


SCRIPT: Sonya Macmillan

ACTORS: Anna Bubnova

Keywords: Sleep, Pillow, Bedding, Rest, Space, Galaxy, Star, Moon, Earth, Astronaut

LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan

Kickstarter Logo

Page Design

We like to think of a crowdfunding page design as a single page brand website including all the creative challenges that are associated with that. Our goal is to showcase the product to Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers in a clear and visually irresistible way. We work with a copywriter for the words, do a product photoshoot in our Los Angeles studio and create a custom visual style to tell your product’s story. The result? A one of a kind crowdfunding project, designed for maximal conversions.

The Product

The Space Sleep Pillow features a unique modular design, with three distinct sleeping modes thanks to our 2-in-1 pillow design. Space Sleep Pillow is designed using Space Age technology such as Ultrafine Silicone Cotton and Air Raschel™ 3D Mesh Technology to make you feel like you are floating in space.

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