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Kickstarter Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR

Let us run your Kickstarter the right way.

We provide pre-launch, live campaign management and post campaign strategy. Our services are presented a la carte so you can choose what works best in terms of your budget and goals.
Kickstarter Page Design Project Funded Animation
We run and monitor Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and other Social Media ads 2-3 weeks before launch to build buzz around your campaign
Media PR
We create a custom Press Kit for your product and distribute to hundreds of media outlets specific to your product
Live Campaign Management
24/7 Ad monitoring and management, Bi-weekly reports on ad performance, Selective ad placement based on ROI
Post campaign: Indiegogo Transition
We transition to Indiegogo using Indemand allowing you to reach a new audience of backers.
Media PR
Live Campaign

Example: Woobots Toys

Kickstarter Campaign Management

With the help of our Marketing and PR team, Woobots was nearly 900% funded and raised over $145K on Kickstarter and Indiegogo!
Kickstarter Campaign Funds
Indiegogo Campaign Funds

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