Juice Crafters

We were asked to create an advertisement that would entice consumers and increase visitors to one of California’s most popular juice bars with locations in Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks. The challenge was to convey the incredible freshness of their juices, smoothies and acai bowls that come directly from farm to table.

farm field lettuce kickstarter video california los angeles
video production still of california farmer picking oranges
california los angeles kickstarter video juice smoothie acai bowl fresh fruit
video production still kickstarter crowdfunding campaign juice smoothie juice crafters blender animation
kickstarter video crowdfunding video still juice crafters cold-pressed juice bottle with fresh grapefruit
wheat grass e3live shot juice bar california los angeles kickstarter campaign
kickstarter video wheat grass juice bar juicery los angeles california juicecrafters
kickstarter video final frame still with logo animation shot on an organic farm in los angeles in california

What we did

Casting / Filming / Animation / Post-production